Mackmyra Intelligens – AI (AI:01)

Mackmyra Intelligens – AI (AI:01)

Score: 81/100
Price: 440,-

For the first time has AI (artificial intelligence) been used to automate the most time consuming process related to a finish bottle of whisky.

In the Microsoft Azure platform (AI cloud) huge databases has been made with data from Mackmyra’s existing “recipes”, cask data such as type and warehouse location, sales data and customer feedback, creating more than 70 million recipes. That the AI predicted could become popular.


In other words, this AI has e.g. calculated that it would take an amount of 5% from cask 122, 1% from cask 235, 20% from cask 400 and then maybe 74% from cask 007 to create something that will become extremely popular.

Where this goes over and becomes a bit of a marketing gimmick is, that it isn’t the AI who has chosen the final “recipe”. The final choice was made by Angela D’Arazio (Master Blender, Mackmyra). So “Partial AI” would be more correct.

The first batch has a total of 5,000 bottles and its alcohol percentage is at 46.1%.


Vanilla in a mixture with citrus comes up very well from the glass, already at the pour. Then white sugar arrives followed by lightly burnt / heated sugar on a pan like before making a good potion of caramel. Then a light pear note arrives as from a cheap concentrate juice (extremely smooth and without power at all). Then hints of plum and peach and it’s at the same time with some freshly baked light bread.


As with the nose, its taste is rich in vanilla and citrus and now I oak also want some attention. Then we say hello to the pear again, which turns slightly into a very light and bitter metal (not every time … but occasionally), then the white pepper comes out, peach and at the same time with mentioned, hints of tulip flower. Shortly after comes baked bread (French bread). Hints from toffe package, faint smoke like from a stove that has not been in use for a long time.


Short and more dry than the nose and mouth says it should be. The easiest things to pick up is the oak and apple with hints from toffee package and vanilla and that’s also actually it.

Result, thoughts and score:

Score: 81/100.

The birds certainly do not sing over this Mackmyra Intelligence – AI (AI: 01) but they also don’t die, when flying from light pole to light pole. – It “slides down” easily and many will probably find it very interesting but it tries to taste interesting in such a way that it tastes a bit unattractive.

Maybe and what I guess is going on is, that the AI engine has selected some really good and powerful casks but the outcome would be too costly, so something with less age has been mixed into it. It taste really right except a little part. So if that was to make more bottles of it or to keep pricing down wouldn’t be a surprise.

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