Glenfiddich Grand Cru 23 Year Old

Glenfiddich Grand Cru 23 Year Old

Score: 78/100
Price: 1950,-

Finally we got the opportunity to review the latest addition to Glenfiddich’s core lineup, which is also the first release in the Grand Range series.

This Grand Cru from Glenfiddich is matured in American and European -oak barrels and has been given 4-6 months of finish in rare French cuvee casks (Champagne region), which should provide notes of fresh pastries as well as fruit.

Glenfiddich receives about 5,000 different wine barrels a year to experiment with so hopefully this one turns out great. Its alcohol percentage is at 40%.


There is no doubt, that this is a Glenfiddich whose scent of flowers, red apple, pear and grape with hint of lemon / lime is not to be mistaken. Then pickled ginger (to the very sweet side), toasted bread and then vanilla in a mixture with marzipan and almonds.


Most green grapes dance around with pear juice, vanilla and sweet ginger. Then comes white pepper and oak which slowly gives you a gentle handshake. And after grapefruit comes and gives a hard squeeze. The flower note caught in the nose now finally finds its way and fills the mouth.


Medium of length, close to being long. – Good with musty green grapes, sweet ginger, citrus and grape in a mixture of flowers. Hints of red apple and a thin/weak pear juice.

Resultat, tanker og score:

Score: 84/100.

The Grand Cru is definitely good and tasty but far from so good, that a price of just under 2,000, – can be justified and 40% in this price range, gives “bad taste in the mouth”, since you end up feeling that you should get a little bit more for this amount of money .

Balance is really fine (not difficult to achieve, since we’re talking 40% ABV). What then can be more difficult, is to achieve complexity on something so “thin” and that has gone very well. So that’s well-done.

A Glenfiddich Grand Cru 23 Year Old of 42-46%, if not cask strength, would be much more “fun”, even though the price would surely be a lot more.

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